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  • Quality Explainer Videos
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What Is It Costing You To Not Partner With A
High-Quality Explainer Video Company?

  • Are you struggling to find an outsourced explainer video production team that provides fast, excellent results?
  • Are you hesitant about taking on new animated explainer video projects because you’re not confident you can deliver?
  • Are you struggling to convert website visitors?
  • Do you have to explain your product, service or company processes over and over to clients or staff?

Creating an amazing explainer video doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. Our responsive, on-time, high-quality animated video team will help you get the right video at the right price and delivered on time.

You need high-quality animated videos.

You don’t need to manage all the details personally.

We get it!

We’ve produced high-quality videos for our clients, on time, with great service, and at a price that makes sense.

Our Explainer Videos

Our Animated Explainer Video Services

An animation style where a hand draws the scenery as the person speaks. The artwork and animation is 100% custom per your requirements. We do not use clip-art, stock or templates. So you will not see elements of your video as part of other videos.
A graphic animation is great for more abstract ideas. Here graphics are moving in a very engaging way to get your message across.
With a 2D animated video you have characters interacting with other characters in an environment. Once again everything is 100% custom made to your needs.
This animation style uses stock images or footage and gets animated text overlaid. The text will move in interesting ways to keep your viewer engaged. This type of video is very popular for staff training or corporate presentations.

Zero To Lift Off

How to Get Started

  • Tell Us Your Needs
  • Receive Proposal
  • Pay Deposit
  • Start Project!

Our Explainer Video Production Process

1. Contact
You contact us (smart decision!) and we discuss your general requirements.

2. Concept
We get all the details on your message and exactly what you want to achieve and get busy brainstorming.
3. Explainer Video Script
A great script is the foundation for a great video. We’ll write you an impactful script.

4. Visuals
Now we create the custom visuals for your video in a storyboard form, laying out each scene.
5. Voice Over
Now you get to pick your favourite pro voice artist from our library. We offer different nationalities and accents.
6. Animation
Now your video will come to life! This is where it all comes together.

7. Music and Sound Effects
We also add music and sound effects to turn your video into an amazing production.
8. Delivery
Once the final video is approved we’ll deliver your final HD video. Now you get to show it off to the world!

How Much Time, Money And Energy Are You Wasting Not Working With An Expert Animated Explainer Video Company?

  • How much money are you leaving on the table not helping your clients or communicating your message?
  • How much time are you wasting micromanaging video projects and still ending up with a less-than-perfect product?
  • Constantly wasting time and effort looking for talent to produce the animated videos you or your clients need?
  • Missing deadlines, receiving sub-par explainer videos, and losing customers or sales in the process?
  • Are you or your staff spending a lot of time on explaining company policies or procedures?
  • Struggling because it’s risky to hire an in-house video team and having to pay them a full-time salary, even if you don’t have enough video work?

Our Promise To You

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    If you’re not happy with your explainer video, we aren’t either.
  • Out-Of-This-World Service & Quality
    Not only amazing animated explainer videos, but responsive, speedy service as well.
  • Unlimited Revisions
    During each phase of the production process.

Just Imagine…

  • Having a long-term video production partner ready to deliver as many animated videos as you need, when you need them.
  • Having a one-stop, all inclusive animated explainer video service agency on your team that takes care of the whole process from A-Z
  • Tons of happy clients coming back for more.
  • No cap on scaling and income with animated video services for your clients.
  • Focusing on getting more clients, while we take care of your video projects for you.