Your most valuable commodity – Part 3

Thus far we looked at some things you can do to get your attention off negative things. Today we are going to look at how you can free up more attention.

Make a list of incomplete work and things you have been putting off. Get busy completing them, even if you have to “burn some midnight oil” to get it done.

These incomplete things do tie up your attention. When you have completed them all you will distinctly have the feeling that you have freed up your attention and you will feel much better.

It’s not always easy, but these incomplete tasks are like a bad investments that tax your resources but doesn’t give any return…

Another thing you can do, if you often get asked questions by colleagues or clients, is the following. Make a list of the recurring questions. Then work out an effective way to handle them.

You could find that a junior or employee comes and asks you how to do things that should actually be part of their job. If they’re coming to you asking the same questions over and over, find out what they don’t understand and get it cleared up properly. Or if colleagues or clients ask a particular or the same questions often, write down the answers in a FAQ document or webpage. It might be a hassle to write it down, but over time it will save you hundreds of hours and free up your attention to focus on more important matters.

We had a situation where people would always ask us how our video production process works. So, instead of myself or our staff and sales people having to answer it every single time, we just made a video that explains it.

You can see the video below.

Stay tuned for the last article in this series. There is one more aspect of this to cover.

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