People don’t buy what they don’t understand

Years ago I worked in the centre of Cape Town.There’s a well-known paved walkway called St.George’s Mall. It is not a mall like you would think of a mall, but since there are shops and businesses on both sides of this walkway, it got the name.

Every lunch a few colleagues and I would go to our favorite restaurant, and on the way there was this bizarre African sculpture with Bart Simpson heads coming out of it at different places. I didn’t like it. I thought it was ugly. As time went by I got more and more critical of this sculpture in my mind.

One day I started openly criticizing this thing. I was telling my colleagues how I cannot understand how this thing can be allowed to be in our beautiful city and that it should be disposed of. One of my friends, Matt, asked me if I knew what it meant or stood for. At that point I realized that I never took the time to find out, and that I had no answer whatsoever.

So he told me to walk with him and go check it out. On the statue there was a plaque and that explained that the statue was symbolic of how Western culture was infiltrating African culture. I can’t really explain this to anyone, as you would have had to experience this, but instantly as I understood what it stood for, all my animosity towards this artist and statue vanished! Magic!

Well, as business owners and entrepreneurs we are super excited about what we do and we, at times, tend to be guilty of assuming others understand the value of what we do at the same level as we do. They don’t!

This is where the magic of video comes in. Video is an excellent tool to get the viewer to understand something well, fast. Not anyone can make a video that does that though, but if it is done correctly you will end up with an audience that is easier to work with and easier for your salespeople to close on your services that will help them.

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