The Art of Turning Failure into Victory – Part 2

Let’s get straight into failures and the tools you can use to turn your failures into victories.The first tool is to not pay attention. You’re probably thinking that I’ve lost it, but bear with me, I will explain!

What I am saying is to not pay any attention to your failures. I know we, as humans, tend to often ignore the good things we accomplish and focus on the faults. It is exactly the same when you are having failures in business. We’ve seen, even when we are doing a little bit better or we have had some gains in our business, we are prone to put our attention on our shortcomings. Let me give you an example. If you have ever been in a relationship I am sure that you know at the beginning of the relationship, when you are all in love, you just think the other person is amazing and you mostly ignore their faults.

Now, what would happen if you took your attention off the wonderful things about the person and you just directed most or all of your attention to their faults and the bad stuff they do or are not good at? Well, I can make a pretty good guess that you’d think less and less of them and you would eventually want as much distance as possible between the two of you.

At this point you might be thinking, “That doesn’t make any sense, you can’t just ignore your failures completely and pretend they are not there!” Well, you will still be aware of them, but you don’t need to put your attention on them the whole time. Sure, you can learn from them by seeing what caused things to go wrong. But other than that, simply ignore them.

Instead, put you attention on the goal you are trying to achieve and the good things that you are accomplishing.

This will make the problems and barriers you are facing seem less overpowering and keep the goal in sight. It will help you to keep going in the face of barriers and failures that might crop up along the way.

There is a time also to look at the problems and barriers, but when and how you do that will be taken up in the next article.

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