Choosing the Right Video Types for Every Step of Your Video Marketing Funnel

The captivating visuals and compelling storytelling of videos can help you connect with your audience at different stages in your video marketing funnel. Whether you’re trying to create awareness, drive consideration, or inspire conversion, the video format you use is an important decision. With a wide range of video types to choose from, it’s essential to understand which ones will resonate with your audience at each stage. In this article, we will dive deep into the art of choosing the right types of videos for every phase of the video marketing funnel.

What is a video marketing funnel?

The video marketing funnel is a framework that represents the customer journey. They go from the initial stage of awareness to the final stage of conversion. By guiding potential customers through a series of steps, businesses can build relationships and encourage customers to take the desired action.

Choosing the right types of videos for each video marketing funnel

A video marketing funnel consists of three main stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion.


The awareness stage is at the top of the funnel. It is all about capturing the attention of your target audience. It is important to make them aware of your brand, product, or service. Do this by creating videos that are informative and interesting. The videos should focus on telling potential customers about your product and why it’s beneficial to them. At this top-of-funnel stage, you must aim for two goals. One is to create a strong first impression. The other is to establish your brand as a trustworthy authority in your industry. Creating audience interest at this level helps encourage them to take the next step in the funnel.


Once you have captured the attention of your audience, it’s time to move them into the middle of the funnel: the consideration stage. This is where you provide more detailed information about your product or service and help your audience see their options. It is also a great opportunity to offer them alternatives to how they usually do things in the past. They will choose your alternative if you use enough personalization in your strategy. Remember to showcase your brand’s personality and values to build trust and loyalty at this stage of the marketing funnel.


At this final or bottom stage of your video marketing funnel, your goal is to get as many people as possible to make the buying decision. You can use a video sales letter at this step. To help them get over the line, you may need to give them a gentle nudge and remove any barriers to sale. Offer incentives such as free trials, discounts, or coupons. The personalization of even a simple phone call can also bring excellent results. Track your conversion rate to help you identify which tactics are working best and allow you to double down on them.

What types of videos work well for different stages of the video marketing funnel?

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos that provide a clear and engaging explanation of your product or service. These videos are great for simplifying complex concepts. They also help your audience understand the value you offer. Whether animated or live-action, explainer videos are perfect for the awareness stage. They grab attention and introduce a new brand, product, or concept. They can also be used during the consideration stage, because of their quick demonstration of the value of a product or service that increases the chances of a sale.

Here are a few examples of great explainer videos to use for different stages in the marketing funnel:

Thumbnail of video created by Impact Animated Video

This explainer video introduces the company’s new service: the multi-disciplinary meeting collaboration system. Its use of personalization captures the attention of its target audience, doctors. By using the service, doctors can connect with other specialists to offer treatments to patients without delay.

Thumbnail of video created by Impact Animated Video

This explainer video markets dental services to New Zealand residents, its target audience. It highlights addressing solutions to Kiwis’ tooth loss among its many services. The high-quality animated video has unique and customized backgrounds, music, and transitions. These elements make for entertainment and effective communication.

Thumbnail of video created by Impact Animated Video

Another one from us here on Impact is our Funeral Fundi explainer video. We have injected humour into a traditionally sombre topic to lighten the mood and enhance the message in the video. It is a memorable viewing experience because of its unexpected and appreciated humour. It also shows the value of the company’s offering and encourages customers to make a purchase.

Corporate/Brand Videos

Brand story videos are a powerful way to connect with your audience on an emotional level. These videos tell the story behind your brand. They highlight your mission, values, and unique selling proposition. By sharing your brand’s journey, you can create a strong emotional connection with your audience.

You can use corporate/brand videos at any stage of the video marketing funnel. Use them to show customers who you are, what your values are, and how you can help solve their challenging problems. They are also great for promoting special offers, products, or services. They increase brand recognition and loyalty and help you stand out from the competition.

Video for AfrikAsia by Impact Animated Videos

Educational Videos

Educational videos provide valuable information and insights to your audience. They are videos for sharing your expertise and knowledge. They can help you position yourself as a leader in your industry and gain the trust of your target audience. Use them to provide detailed product comparisons and step-by-step instructions on how to use your product or service.

Educational videos are also great for consideration stage funnels. They can expound on more information about your product or service. These videos pack helpful information for customers to make their decisions. They show how it works and show the success of using it. They explain why your product is the best choice and answer questions. Businesses can reach a wide audience and maximize their return on investment by using educational videos throughout each video marketing funnel.

Why and How to Use Animated Video by Impact Animated Videos

Poly the polyurethane bag in search of a home video by Impact Animated Videos

Lifestyle Videos

To build trust and demonstrate the value of your brand, lifestyle videos are helpful. They can be placed in the middle of the sales funnel and can also showcase customer testimonials and success stories. These help build credibility and encourage customers to take the next step. Lifestyle videos at the bottom of the funnel motivate customers to buy from you. They can show the benefits of your products and services and how customers can get the most out of them. Because they are sharable on social media, they start conversations about your brand and lead to more conversions.

HeyHerbie lifestyle video by Impact Animated Videos

Problem/Solution Videos

Problem/solution videos are a great way to engage with viewers and show your company’s knowledge and expertise. They provide an opportunity to reach out to viewers on an emotional level to build credibility and trust. Showcasing the proper use of products or services, these videos are a platform for discussing customer pain points and provide solutions to them. Problem/solution videos allow you to offer a comprehensive solution to a common problem. You can explain the problem and provide a detailed solution to it. This helps viewers understand the product or service better and leads them to make an informed decision.

A Problem/Solution B2B video

Product Videos

Product videos create a personal connection with customers better than a written description. They show a product’s features, benefits, special offers, and discounts. This creates a sense of urgency around limited-time offers. These videos can create a buzz around your product, increase your customer base and boost engagement with your brand. Customers share videos with their friends and family when they find them engaging, which can expand your reach.

Maxxis Tyre video by Impact Animated Videos

Tips and Tricks Videos

Tips and tricks videos provide actionable advice on how to achieve a certain task or goal. They guide potential customers on how to improve their skills in a particular area. By showing viewers how to make the most of a product or service it helps build audience trust and connection.

Instructional / “How It Works” Videos

Instructional videos can be an effective tool for each stage of the video marketing funnel. They can be used for both potential and existing customers by introducing a new product and getting the most out of it. On top of that, you can use instructional videos to reduce customer service costs. Instructional videos can help potential customers understand the how and why of a product or service and show the benefits of choosing yours over the competition without using complicated terms. Customer satisfaction results from helping them understand how to use a product or service efficiently. These videos are also useful in keeping customers coming back to your business time and time again.


Webinars engage your target audience and generate leads at the top of the video marketing funnel. Webinars provide an interactive environment for building relationships and allow participants to ask questions and provide feedback. This gives them more confidence in making informed decisions. Use webinars to share your knowledge and expertise and update your target audience with the latest industry trends. Aside from building your brand quickly, they can also nurture existing leads and convert them into paying customers.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos are an essential part of any video marketing funnel. They showcase the results and personalized success stories of customers who have used your products or services. Thus, they offer insight into how your customers feel about your product or service. They can build trust, credibility, personal connection, and social proof with potential customers.

Citi Word on the Street Customer Testimonial Video by Impact Animated Video

Your video marketing funnel needs customer testimonials that add a human touch to your message. They prove the effectiveness of your products or services in a real-world setting. Testimonials show potential customers the difference your product or service can make in their lives by providing an authentic look at the benefits.

Case Study Videos

Case study videos offer an in-depth look at how a particular product or service has helped a specific customer. Case studies showcase real customer results and allow viewers to gain insight into the actual results of using that product or service. Because they’re personalized, they help build trust and credibility with potential customers. Thus, case study videos make prospects more likely to consider your offering.

Case study videos can be used in all stages of the marketing funnel. In the awareness stage, they can introduce potential customers to a product or service in a more detailed way. This allows them to see how it has helped other customers. In the consideration stage, they can prove how a product or service can help customers solve their problems. Finally, in the conversion stage, they can show customers the tangible benefits that they can expect from using a particular product or service.

Demo Videos

Demo videos are a great way to showcase your product or service and explain how it works to potential customers. You can show the features, benefits, and advantages of a product through a demo video. In this way, your customers can get a feel for the product before they buy. This type of video can also help explain complex products and services.

Culture Videos

Culture videos provide a personalized way to create strong relationships with potential customers and employees. They let people know what your business is all about and foster a strong connection between people and your brand.

You can add this to your video marketing funnel by showcasing the mission, values, beliefs, and lifestyle of your business. Do not forget to highlight the diversity of your team and their successes and goals. Culture videos can also highlight the impact your business has had on the community. Plus, they share personalized customer stories. It is best to create a series of videos for this strategy.

Working at Microsoft video

Video PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

Video PSAs (Public Service Announcements) create awareness about social issues and charitable causes. They are great for building brand awareness and proving a company’s commitment to social responsibility. Viewers will often share PSAs on social media and other video platforms to reach a larger audience.

Creating a PSA is an effective way to positively showcase the values of your brand. Depending on the cause, a PSA may be the perfect way to bring attention to an issue that your audience cares about. This builds trust in your brand and creates both a sense of loyalty and a lasting impression on viewers. A well-executed PSA can go viral, which increases brand awareness and recognition.

When used correctly, video PSAs can be a powerful tool in a brand’s video marketing funnel. If you’re interested in using video PSAs in your marketing strategy, create a video that is both informative and entertaining. Include a call to action at the end of the video to encourage viewers to take action.

OneProtest Bear PSA video by Impact Animated Videos

Parity Movement PSA video by Impact Animated Videos

50 litres a day challenge PSA video by Impact Animated Videos

FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are another way to connect with potential customers. These quick and informative videos build trust with your audience by increasing transparency. FAQ videos can save your business time and money by quickly answering customer queries without the need for lengthy emails or telephone calls.

This type of video can help to increase the visibility of your brand, and viewers are more likely to remember and recognize your business and its offerings. FAQ videos can help to improve customer service and customer support. They do that by helping customers quickly and easily understand your business without having to search through text-based FAQs. This can help your business to stand out from the competition and attract new customers.


To conclude, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to video marketing. The videos you use depend on the goals of your video marketing funnel. It is helpful to understand the different types of videos and the stages of the funnel. This can help you craft an effective and personalized video marketing strategy to drive conversions and boost sales. Remember, videos are a powerful tool that can be extremely effective in driving leads and sales when used correctly.

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