Why Animated Company Videos Are the Secret for Your Business to Stand Out Among Competition

Why Animated Company Videos Are the Secret for Your Business to Stand Out Among Competition

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the quest for differentiation is perpetual. Animated company videos emerge as a distinctive tool, capable of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

To find out how animated company videos can make your business stand out, we will look at the following in this article:

  • the impact of animated company videos on business growth, communication, brand awareness, and recall
  • the most popular animated company videos
    • showreels
    • explainer videos
    • investor relations videos or investor pitch decks
    • product demo videos
    • event videos
    • testimonial videos
  • successful examples that showcase the transformative power of animated company videos
  • the pros and cons of in-house corporate animation
  • the benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing to professional animation studios
  • how to optimise animated company videos for YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms
  • tips for employing SEO for corporate animation video content
  • how to engage with viewers through comments and analytics
  • cost-effective solutions for budget limitations
  • how to align animated video ideas with branding guidelines

Impact of Animated Company Videos on Business Growth, Communication, Brand Awareness, and Recall

In business growth, communication, and advertising, animated company videos wield a unique charm.

They make information easy to understand and remember. They go beyond the usual communication methods in business, giving these benefits:

  • They use attractive visuals and emotions to explain complicated stuff.
  • They make your message dynamic and immersive by various means, like kinetic typography and motion graphics.
  • They leave a strong impression with powerful yet lighthearted illustrations and storytelling.
  • They help businesses connect better with the people they’re trying to reach.

Think of a brand like a person you want to be friends with. Animated company videos are like a fun way for that person to tell you more about themselves. Instead of just talking, they use exciting animations to show their personality, what they care about, and what makes them different from everyone else. So, these corporate animation videos are like a creative and entertaining introduction that helps the brand connect with people and stand out in a crowd.

The pleasing and catchy look of animated videos helps people remember a brand. Having colourful illustrations, interesting stories, and relatable characters is like stamping the brand into your brain. Everyone is already bombarded with a ton of things to remember. Animated company videos stand out, make the brand more memorable and give it an edge in the competition.

Most Popular Types of Animated Company Videos


Showreels are the magnum opus of animated company videos. Think of showreels as a way to highlight the essence of a company’s capabilities and achievements. They’re like their greatest hits collection that shows off all the exceptional things they can do. These storytelling compilations act as a visual portfolio for companies in creative fields, like movies, TV, animation, or design. These reels demonstrate what the company is best at and what amazing things they’ve done. It’s like a sneak peek to impress clients or partners and make them say, “Wow, we want to work with them!”

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the storytelling tools of the business world. They break down abstract processes into easily understandable and lighthearted narratives. It’s like having a someone explain a new product, service, or tricky process in a way that everyone can get. Accessible to a broad audience, explainer videos can take many forms of illustrations. They can be whiteboard, kinetic typography, motion graphics, or even a combination of two or more types.

To familiarise yourself with the different types of explainer videos, such as motion graphics and kinetic typography, read these articles in our blog:

Investor Relations Videos or Investor Pitch Decks

Animations make a persuasive case for potential investors. Animated investor relations videos are useful for businesses seeking financial support. Also known as pitch decks, they offer the compelling medium of illustrations to present data and projections. The animations make the sometimes tricky money information look interesting and easy to understand. So, when you’re trying to persuade investors, these videos help you make a case strong because they make your message clear and appealing.

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos make products come alive in a way that illustrations or words on a page can’t. They are a virtual presentation to potential customers, so they can see how the product works and what’s cool about it. These can also be a combination of live action, animation and text. The animations make the demonstration lighthearted, getting people’s attention and making them want to know more.

Event Videos

Event videos bring viewers into the centre of corporate events, conferences, or product launches. By showing the key parts of these occasions, businesses can let more people experience it, making them excited and interested.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos add a layer of authenticity to a brand. Highlighting satisfied clients or customers who share their experiences humanises the brand. This makes the brand seem more trustworthy. Animated testimonials can also have a strong emotional effect, leaving a lasting impression on people who watch them.

Examining Successful Examples and Why They Work

Real-world examples inspire, highlighting how animated company videos can transform businesses of all sizes across various industries. Let’s explore a few cases that demonstrate the storytelling capabilities of animated videos and the remarkable communication results they’ve achieved.

Big Data

Thumbnail of Big Data animated video created by Impact Animated videos

We created an animated explainer video for Coforge (formerly WHISHWORKS), a digital services provider specialising in data, cloud, integration, and automation technologies. The animation simplifies the concept of “Big Data” and helps companies understand when they should consider transitioning to a Big Data environment. This video effectively builds brand awareness by highlighting Coforge’s innovative solutions. It shows how a single tool from the company can store and manage vast amounts of external and internal data from a cluster of servers.

Smoking Gun Communications

Thumbnail of Smoking Guns Communications animated video created by Impact Animated Videos

Here is a graphic animation video we made for Smoking Gun Communications, an award-winning digital PR and social media agency in the UK. The creative combination of motion graphics and kinetic typography resulted in this visual display of illustrations that keeps viewers hooked. Without a voice over, the straightforward script comes to life with animated words and graphics on the screen, accompanied by catchy music and sound effects. This vibrant storytelling experience through kinetic typography effectively communicates the company’s unique style and creative approach to modern PR, making a meaningful and lasting impact.

By looking at these real-world examples, businesses can learn valuable lessons about the varied uses and significant impact that animated company videos can have on their specific challenges and objectives.

In-House vs. Outsourcing Production: Making the Right Choice

Deciding whether to have your staff make corporate animation videos or outsource to professionals is a big choice for businesses getting into this. Both options have good and not-so-good things about them, so it’s important to think about what you have in terms of time, skills, and what you want to achieve.

Pros and Cons of In-House Animation


  • Saving Money: When businesses do animation work in-house, they have better control over how much it costs, especially for small projects.
  • Quick Access: The team working in-house can quickly get the information they need from the company, which might make the production process faster.


  • Not Enough Know-How: Teams inside the company might not have the special skills and knowledge that professional animators do, which could affect how good the final product is.
  • Using Up Resources: Doing animation needs special software and machines, and getting those can cost a lot of money upfront.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Outsourcing to Professional Animation Studios


  • Expertise and Creativity: Animation studios that do this for a living have a ton of know-how and creative talent, making sure the final product looks great.
  • Professionalism and Efficiency: Getting help from outside pros lets businesses use the skills and efficiency of specialised teams, which might mean getting things done faster.
  • Diverse Styles: Animation studios usually have different artists with their own styles. This means businesses can pick a style that fits their brand the best.


  • Cost Consideration: Even though the quality is usually better, outsourcing can cost more than doing it in-house, especially for smaller projects.

Deciding whether to do it in-house or outsource to the pros involved depends on what the business needs and how much they have to work with. If there’s not a lot of money and the animation is pretty basic, doing it in-house might be a good idea if you have the staff and the software to do so. But if the business wants really high-quality and aesthetically stunning animations, it’s usually smarter to hire pros from animation studios.

Optimising Animated Company Videos for Online Platforms

Making an exceptional corporate animation video is just the start; making sure lots of people see it online is just as important. These strategies will help businesses share and get the most out of their animated videos on different platforms.

YouTube, LinkedIn, and Other Suitable Platforms

Knowing how different online platforms work is important for getting corporate animation videos out there successfully. Platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn are good for different reasons and have different people watching. Making a plan that fits each platform makes sure that animated videos get to the right people when they’re most likely to watch.


YouTube is like a giant library for videos, so it’s super important for getting your animated company videos seen. Here are some things to think about:

  • Keywords: Use words that fit your corporate animation video in the title, description, and tags so more people can find it.
  • Thumbnails: Make sure the picture people see before they click is interesting to get more clicks and likes.
  • Branding: Keep everything looking the same on your YouTube channel so people know it’s you.


LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect and is great for businesses that work with other businesses. Here’s how to make sure your animated company videos do well on LinkedIn:

  • Upload Right to LinkedIn: Put your videos directly on LinkedIn so more people see them.
  • Get People Talking: Ask for comments and shares to make more people notice your video.
  • Use LinkedIn Ads: Try using LinkedIn Ads to show your video to specific groups of professionals based on their jobs and interests.

Other Suitable Platforms:

Look into special platforms that match your business and the people you want to reach. Places like Vimeo, Instagram, or forums just for your industry can be extra ways to get people to see your videos.

Understanding SEO for Video Content

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t just for writing; it works for videos too. Using SEO tricks for animated company videos helps more people find them and makes them more likely to reach a bigger audience.

Tips for Animated Company Videos SEO:

  • Keyword Research: Figure out important words for your business, what you do, and what your video is about.
  • Optimised Descriptions: Make sure your video descriptions have lots of details and include the important words.
  • Transcriptions: Put what’s said in the video into words. It would make it easier for everyone to understand and help search engines find it.

Engaging with Viewers through Comments and Analytics

Uploading your video to social media isn’t the last step. It’s important to chat with the people watching to build a community around your brand.


  • Reply Quickly: When people comment, reply fast to keep them interested and feeling connected.
  • Ask Questions: Put questions or things to talk about in the video description to get viewers to share their thoughts.


  • Track Performance: Use the tools on the platforms to see how the videos are doing. Check how many people watch, engage, and who those people are.
  • Make Things Better as You Go: Look at the data to figure out what people like and don’t like. Use that to make the next videos even better based on what the viewers want.

Talking with people who watch the videos not only makes the connection between the brand and the audience stronger. It also helps companies get good ideas for making even better animated company videos in the future.

Overcoming Challenges in Producing Animated Video Ideas

Despite the storytelling allure of animated company videos, sometimes there are problems when making corporate animation videos. There are two usual issues—not having enough money and making sure the videos align with branding guidelines. To make attractive animated videos, these issues need smart solutions.

Budget Constraints and Cost-effective Solutions

Making high-quality corporate animation videos doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Here are some smart ways to deal with budget limits:

  • Prioritise Content: Concentrate on making content that fits with the major goals of the business, making sure each part has a reason.
  • Shorten the Video Time: Request your animated video company to shorten the video to make the animation process easier and cost less.
  • Use 2D Animation Instead of 3D: Asking your animation studio to do this saves you money in making the video and when the video needs to be updated in the future because they are less work to produce. 2D animation is also easier to apply to graphic design projects like PowerPoint presentations, posters, and postcards.

By being smart about resources and planning, businesses can get around money limits and still make outstanding illustrations and animations.

Ensuring Alignment of Animated Video Ideas with Branding Guidelines

Maintaining consistency with branding guidelines is paramount for reinforcing and highlighting brand identity and messaging. Here’s how businesses can ensure corporate animation videos align seamlessly with their established brand standards:

  • Create a Style Guide: Write down a comprehensive style guide that outlines specific design elements, colour schemes, and typography that fit the brand.
  • Collaborate with Design Teams: Ensure close collaboration between the animation team and the design team to incorporate brand elements seamlessly.
  • Seek Feedback: Regularly review drafts and seek feedback from key stakeholders to make sure it fits with what the brand wants.

Using these ideas when making corporate animation videos helps businesses be sure their videos not only catch people’s eye but also make the brand identity strong and clear.

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Conclusion: A Call for Business Owners to Embrace Corporate Animation

It’s pretty obvious—illustrations made by animation experts can elevate business communication, boost brand awareness, and help the business grow. As we look at how attractive animations can do all this, we realise that it’s not just about looking nice; it’s about making genuine connections with people.

Let’s have a recap of the power of animated company videos:

  • Communication: Animated videos transcend conventional communication barriers, making them a dynamic and lighthearted medium for understanding complex messages.
  • Brand Magic: The aesthetic allure of animated videos weaves a captivating narrative. They significantly boost brand recall.

Animated company videos are not just for big companies; businesses of any size and type can use this magic. The message is clear: Business owners, use animated video ideas to make your brand stand out, connect with your audience, and keep growing strong.

In a world where ordinary things get forgotten, let animated company videos be the special potion that makes your business stand out. Make your brand story is distinctive and capture people’s attention, so your business stands out amidst the noise and leaves a lasting impression.

Which of the corporate animation examples we shared did you love best? Why?

Share your answer with us in the comments section!

It helps to know the benefits of outsourcing to professional animation studios, whether you are an agency or business owner or a representative of one. Take a look at our diverse animation styles and see which one aligns with your brand and advertising goals. Fill out our consultation form today!

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