How an Animated Explainer Video Company Can Help You Win Your Audience

How an Animated Explainer Video Company Can Help You Win Your Audience

Struggling to engage your audience? Drowning in content but starving for results? Your customers aren’t paying attention, retention rates are sinking, and those leads feel lukewarm at best. But fear not, an animated explainer video company can help you! Animated explainer videos are the secret weapon for turning boring into brilliant.

An animated explainer video company can be a major player in your mixed media marketing. They specialise in crafting short, attention-grabbing videos that break down complex ideas into digestible, enjoyable content. By combining storytelling with visual creativity, these video production companies provide a powerful tool for businesses looking to boost their brand’s visibility and connect with their audience.

In this article, we will explore how an animated video company service can be a game-changer for customer engagement and acquisition through these topics:

  • Understanding common audience pain points in marketing campaigns
    • Struggling to engage
    • Complex product explanation
    • Information overload
    • Experiencing poor customer service
    • Feeling like they’re not getting value for their money
    • Not connecting with your brand
  • How an animated explainer video company can provide solutions for these pain points
    • Engagement
    • Clarity
    • Retention
    • Emotional connection
    • Brand awareness
  • A final word on how animated video company can help you win your target audience

Understanding Your Audience Pain Points in Marketing Campaigns

Typical audience pain points can vary, but some common ones across the board include:

Struggling to Engage: If your target audience isn’t paying attention to your product or service, resulting in declining engagement and tepid leads, it might be time to re-evaluate your approach.

  • Traditional Solution: static infographics
  • Pros: easy to create, accessible
  • Con: uninspiring, information overload, low engagement
  • Animated Video Solution: engaging characters, lively visuals, and a coherent narrative for a 58% surge in memory retention

Complex Product Explanation: Explain too much to your audience and features fly over their heads. When they find demos boring, the value proposition gets lost.

  • Traditional Solution: live presentations
  • Pros: personalised, interactive
  • Cons: time-consuming, limited reach, speaker dependence
  • Animated Video Solution: complex concepts broken down, visual metaphors, and humour for clarity and high recall

Information Overload: Burden them with a ton of info and content fatigue would set in. This results in buried key business messages and stalled brand awareness. This can make it difficult for customers to find the information they need and make informed decisions.

  • Traditional Solution: text-heavy articles
  • Pros: Comprehensive, searchable
  • Cons: Dry reading, low retention, difficulty in grasping complex concepts.
  • Animated Video Solution: Digestible chunks, emotional connection, and memorable call to action for enhanced retention

Experiencing Poor Customer Service: When customers have a bad experience with a company, it can damage their trust in the brand. They could leave negative testimonials and are less likely to do business with them again.

  • Animated Video Solution: Unique visual identity, and emotional impact through sound design for rebuilding trust

Feeling Like They’re Not Getting Value for Their Money: Customers want to feel like they’re getting a good deal for their money. If they don’t feel like your product or service is worth the price, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.

  • Animated Video Solution: A unique and compelling storyline for conveying value.

Not Connecting with Your Brand: To build loyalty, customers need to connect with your brand on an emotional level. If they don’t feel any connection to your brand, they’re less likely to stick around.

  • Animated Video Solution: Consistent style and lasting impression for emotional connection, relatable voice over

How an Animated Explainer Video Company Can Address Audience Pain Points

It’s crucial to figure out and fix the above issues your audience faces for success. No matter the industry, marketers deal with challenges like ensuring that their marketing campaign captures customers’ attention and that customers form a strong emotional bond with a brand. In this discussion, we’ll discuss smart solutions that an animated explainer video company employs to address audience pain points.


When you see and hear things together, it helps you remember them better. A study shows that listening to spoken words alone makes people recall only 25% of what they heard after three hours. This dramatically reduces to only 10% to 20% after three days. When you combine both seeing and hearing, it can surge up to 65% to 68%. That’s a big increase compared to just listening.

Adding funny and light moments or clever elements to the story makes animated explainer videos grab and keep the viewer’s attention. When people find the video entertaining, they’re more likely to stay interested and remember the information. Starting the animated video with a joke, a unique character, or a funny situation does more than just make people laugh. It creates a relaxed and open-minded experience for watching. Humour breaks through any natural resistance viewers might have to new information or ads. It works like a hook that makes people curious. They want to stick around to see what happens next.

For example, in an explainer video, a character could get caught in a funny situation that reflects a common problem your audience often deals with. When viewers connect with the character’s struggles, it creates empathy and makes your product or service seem like the hero that can solve their problems.

Adding fun moments to animations can change how people engage with the content. It’s enjoyable to see animated characters deal with challenges in funny and charming ways. These elements serve as a refreshing break for your eyes and feelings, especially when the topic is complicated or dull.

Using bright colours, fun transitions, and a catchy soundtrack can create a relaxed atmosphere. So, a fun story talks about problems without making them feel too heavy, making watching enjoyable and informative. Funny animated videos not only make people laugh but also get them thinking. Witty content grabs attention because it makes viewers use their brains to understand clever language and presentation.

Using clever wordplay or smart references that connect with the viewer can make them admire and smile, reinforcing the video’s message. When viewers are intellectually engaged, they pay more attention, making it more likely they’ll remember your message and your brand.

In the end, combining humour, lightness, and wit makes a well-rounded strategy to keep the audience entertained. When your brain is involved in different ways—feeling emotions, seeing things through animation, and thinking—it can understand and remember information better. Animated explainer videos are great at mixing entertainment and information. They not only talk about the audience’s problems but do it enjoyably.

Animated explainer videos use specific images to connect a symbolic idea with the real thing, making it easier to understand. For instance, think about a financial service that makes online transactions simple. The pain point here might be the worry about how complicated and secure digital payments are. In the video production, characters with similar concerns could show how the service solves these problems, making it the hero that eases those worries.

In a different example, imagine a complicated cloud computing service like a huge library where data is organised into endless shelves and books. Similar to a library, users can easily “borrow” and “return” data. This metaphor simplifies the idea of cloud computing, making it much easier for people to understand.


Complicated ideas or steps are shown in a clear, step-by-step way, so it’s easier for people to understand. Animated explainer videos have a carefully planned story structure to guide viewers logically through the information. The script is written to introduce ideas one by one, so each piece of information builds on what came before, making it easier for the viewer to grasp without feeling overwhelmed.

When we write scripts, we make sure to organise the information in a way that’s easy to follow. We start by addressing the audience’s pain points and showing understanding. As the video goes on, we slowly introduce solutions and explain complex ideas step by step. We use words that the viewer already knows before introducing new ones, always making sure that each new piece of information connects clearly to what was said before. This helps make everything easier to understand without overwhelming anyone.

Check out animated video production examples that bring clarity in our blog article, From Complex to Clear: 12 Best Explainer Videos That Simplify.

Animated explainer videos often use comparisons and analogies as an effective educational tool. They explain unfamiliar ideas by connecting them to things people already know. This helps bridge the gap between the unknown and the known, making it simpler for the audience to understand the main message. For example, if you’re introducing a complex new tech product to people who aren’t tech-savvy, it can be hard to explain the technical details. That’s when analogies come in handy. A skilled animated explainer video production team can compare your advanced product to everyday experiences that your audience easily recognises, making it much easier for them to get the idea.

Imagine your product has complicated data encryption. In the explainer video, we might compare it to a super-safe, high-tech bank vault that protects valuable items. This image helps explain digital cybersecurity using something familiar like physical security, making it easier to understand for someone who isn’t familiar with technical details. This way, the animated video helps viewers grasp the importance and effectiveness of the technology without going into confusing details about encryption algorithms.

Here is an example of a video we made for Voltage Unplugged, showing how a dry subject like data protection can be made into a fun wolf and three little pigs story.

As another example, let’s say there’s a service that combines lots of financial services into one platform. In the animated video, we might compare it to a Swiss army knife, which everyone knows is versatile and handy for many things. This comparison makes it easier for the audience to quickly understand how the service works without having to think too hard.


Strategic repetition of key messages: The main thing that makes explainer videos work is repeating important messages. Why does this repetition help? Scientific studies about how our brains learn show that repeating things helps us remember them better. When we repeat key points in an animated video, it’s not just words; we also show images that go along with what’s being said, making it even easier for the viewer to remember.

Pictures are essential for making this reinforcement strategy work. These visual cues can come in various forms, such as:

  • On-screen text highlighting crucial information
  • Animated graphs or infographics that interpret complex data
  • Symbolic imagery that resonates with the audience’s own experiences

When creating an animated explainer video production, companies plan the script carefully. They make sure to mention important messages at different times in the video. They also use things like brand colours, familiar characters, or consistent iconography to make the video look organised and match what is being said.

Additionally, animators can make exciting visuals that guide the viewer’s attention to the point of emphasis. This might just mean changing colours or adding motion around the keywords or key phrases. For instance, if the video production wants to show the user-friendliness of a product, it could have a character smoothly using the product on screen, and then zoom in on a badge that says “easy-to-use” sparkling for effect.

Emotional connection

Animated explainer videos often use stories that make you feel something. A good story, especially one that makes you emotional or gives you useful info, sticks in your memory. The emotions in the story make it more likely that you’ll remember the brand. The characters in these videos are made to be like the audience watching them. When you see something in the video that reminds you of yourself or things you’ve been through, it makes you feel connected to it personally.

Here is an example of an explainer video we created that connects with the target audience on an emotional level.

To address audience pain points authentically, animated explainer video companies dive deep into the psyche of the target demographic. They might use demographic research, surveys, and social listening tools to learn a lot about the audience—what they struggle with, how they talk, and the cultural cues they respond to. It’s a meticulous process of character building that makes the difference.

The characters are then brought to life with familiar struggles, clothes that fit the audience’s style, culture, or job, and even regional accents if the video incorporates a voice over. Explainer video services companies aim to create a protagonist or an avatar that represents the “every person” within a target group. Much like bestselling novels or blockbuster movies, the character’s journey is the audience’s journey.

These characters create a bond by showing things that the viewer can relate to. In the animated story, the character faces a familiar challenge or pain point that the audience understands. The emotional hook is set. The narrative then takes the viewer on a journey where the character finds and accepts a solution provided by the product or service being promoted.

A relatable character in a familiar situation is more likely to keep the viewers engaged. It’s like thinking, “This character is just like me. I go through the same things.” This strong connection keeps you watching and your mind open to the message. The more you feel connected, the more likely you are to remember the information.

For example, there are three relatable characters in the video production our animated explainer video company made for DIVE NOW, a digital diving course provider: Greta, Matz, and Amalia. Greta and Matz went on a scuba holiday in Thailand and realised when they got there that they should have learned how to scuba dive ahead of the trip. They regretted having to spend three whole days of their holiday taking a scuba theory course instead of exploring the sea right away. Amalia avoided this problem by taking the online diving course and getting her certification conveniently at her home before going on her scuba holiday.

Thumbnail of DIVE NOW animated video production by Impact Animated Videos

A good animated explainer video inspires action. When you watch a character you relate to solve a problem, it not only shows that you can overcome similar challenges but also suggests that the brand can help you do it. Connecting the character’s success with the product’s role in it can encourage the audience to take action.

Creating a character for an animated video is tricky. It needs a balance between feeling specific and universal. It needs to be relatable to many people without excluding anyone. The best animated explainer video companies can make a character that’s like a mirror, reflecting a wide range of viewers. It becomes a powerful narrative device that works across cultures and demographics.

Brand awareness

An animated explainer video is a powerful tool for making people remember and recognise a brand. It does this by keeping a consistent style–using the same colours, fonts, and design–that matches the brand’s identity. This uniform look helps viewers connect the visuals with the brand. When people see this style in different animated videos or marketing materials, it makes the brand more familiar and easier to remember. This repetition strengthens the link between the visuals and the brand.

Animated explainer videos are good at reflecting a brand’s identity by carefully choosing visual elements. This means using colours and shapes that match the brand’s main themes and values. For example, a company that cares about the environment might use lots of green and earthy tones, along with organic shapes, to make people think of nature. On the other hand, a tech company might go for sleek lines and a monochromatic palette scheme to show that they are all about modernity and innovation.

Character design plays a big role in animated videos because these characters represent the brand. When viewers see characters are consistently styled, from what they wear to their mannerisms, it helps connect the character to the brand. It’s like how mascots are used in traditional advertising, but more amped with an animated video. That’s because an animated explainer video company can make characters do so much more. Designers specifically make characters that show personality traits that mirror a company’s brand persona, making the audience think of the company in a certain way.

Creatives weave branding into the explainer video in a delicate art that can have a significant psychological impact. It’s a strategy to ensure the brand is remembered without overshadowing the main message. For instance, scenes in the animation might have background elements with the brand’s colours or show animated employees wearing uniforms that match the company’s look. Subtle touches, like putting the company’s logo on a computer screen or a notebook in the animation, stick the brand into the story.

Bringing these elements together, the strategic placement of logos, brand colours, and characters in the video leaves a lasting impression. You might not remember every word said, but seeing the brand throughout helps connect the visuals to the message. The animation could start with a generic scenario to one that specifically involves the branded elements, making the link between the story and the brand stronger. This kind of branding makes sure that when a potential customer thinks about the product or service, the brand’s look pops into their head almost reflexively, enhancing recall and recognition.

A Final Frame on How an Animated Video Company Can Help You Win Your Target Audience

An animated explainer video company not only crafts engaging content but also partners with you to achieve your marketing goals. They create targeted content that connects with your audience, handling all aspects of video production professionally. These companies play a vital role in the modern business narrative. With their expertise, your brand can grab attention, educate, and win customers in the crowded online world. If you’re ready to make your message stand out with explainer video services, your journey to winning audiences and turning them into customers starts here. Contact our animated explainer video company for a free consultation!

Tell us in the comments!

  • Do you struggle with keeping your target audience’s attention in your marketing campaigns?
  • Ready to ditch boring static infographics and live presentations for data-driven storytelling? 
  • Are your long articles loaded with complex information that buries your key messages?
  • Do you want happy customers to leave glowing testimonials for your business?
  • Do you want to tell audiences that your product or service is worth the price?
  • Want to make sure your marketing campaigns resonate emotionally with your target audience? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, animated explainer video services may just be the answer! Discuss your specific audience pain points with us.

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