The Role of a Service Explainer Video in Customer Education and Support

The Role of a Service Explainer Video in Customer Education and Support

Businesses are always trying new ways to connect with and help their customers. One effective method that’s become well-known lately is the service explainer video. This is a short animated explainer video that explains things about a particular service and helps with common questions and problems.

In this article, we’ll talk about why a service explainer video online is important, the roles it plays in customer education and support, the best ways to make one, and give examples.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • what a service explainer video is
  • the importance of customer education and support
  • the role of a service explainer video in customer education
  • the role of a service explainer video in customer support
  • strategies for creating an effective service explainer video
    • understand your audience
    • keep the video production concise and engaging
    • use clear visuals and animation
    • how to make the animated explainer video accessible

What is a Service Explainer Video?

A service explainer video is a short, interesting video made to explain complicated ideas, show how a service works, give clear instructions, and answer common customer questions. This animated explainer video can be a service demo, a guide on how to use a service, giving helpful strategies, or answering FAQs. This video uses pleasing visuals, clear explanations, and sometimes jokes to make the information easy for customers to grasp and remember.

A service explainer video using text on footage by Impact Animated Videos:

An animated service explainer video explaining the application programming interface by Impact Animated Videos:

Importance of Customer Education and Support

Helping customers solve their problems is important for business development and marketing conversions. When businesses give customers the information and support they need, it makes them happier and more likely to stick around. Good customer education and support don’t just make customers feel good; it also cuts down on the number of questions and issues people have, saving time and money for everyone involved.

Customer education is a pivotal aspect of the overall customer experience. When customers understand what they’re buying and how to use it well, they’re happier with their purchases. Plus, when they know all about a company’s services, they’re more likely to get involved, consider the proposition of the video, and maybe even buy other company services. When customers truly understand what they’re getting, they feel a stronger connection to the brand and are less likely to switch to something else, even if there’s competition.

Unwavering support is another cornerstone that contributes to the development of customer confidence. When customers encounter a challenge, how quickly and well a company helps them out shapes how they feel about that company. Solving issues fast not only makes customers trust the company more but also stops them from spreading complaints. And when businesses put effort into making support easy—like having lots of helpful FAQs, quick customer service teams, or interactive help desks—it shows they care about their customers.

It is essential to recognise that customer education and support are not isolated endeavours but interconnected facets. When in synergy, they create a robust framework for consumer satisfaction. Informative tutorials, user guides, online classes, webinars, and workshops are all educational tools that simultaneously serve as preemptive support measures.

Investing in customer education and support pays off in many ways for companies. It makes customers more confident and able to figure things out on their own, which means they don’t need as much help. This frees up customer service people to spend more time delivering personalised, in-depth assistance, which in turn leads to improved satisfaction scores and customer retention rates. It’s a constructive cycle where educated customers become brand advocates. Their trust and loyalty germinate into referrals and sustained revenue expansion.

The Role of a Service Explainer Video in Customer Education

A service explainer video is like a teacher that makes complicated stuff easy to understand for customers. Whether it’s showing how a new technology feature works or explaining how an offered service functions, an animated explainer video breaks down the information into simple bits so customers can understand it better. They help connect what a company offers with what the customer gets.

Also, a service explainer video online gives clear, step-by-step directions, guiding customers through various tasks and processes. Whether it’s setting up a new online system or troubleshooting common issues, this video helps customers handle things on their own and get the results they want.

Plus, a service explainer video helps deal with common worries and questions customers have. When companies answer frequently asked questions and solve common problems before they even come up, it makes customers feel less stressed and more trusting with the company. For instance, if people often wonder how to integrate software as a service (SaaS) product with their existing systems, a good explainer video can show them exactly how to do it, making the whole integration process clearer.

Trust is the cornerstone of any lasting customer relationship. A service explainer video online plays a big part in building that trust by breaking down barriers of confusion and misunderstandings. When companies go out of their way to explain things that might otherwise be a source of apprehension, it sends a message of transparency and customer care. This openness helps customers feel safe and sure about sticking with the company.

A service explainer video must match what the people watching them like and how much they know. For example, if a business is trying to reach young people who know a lot about technology, they might make a fast-paced video production with cutting-edge graphics. But if they’re targeting an older crowd, it’s better to go slow and explain things in more detail. Customisation ensures the message resonates strongly with the intended audience.

The Role of a Service Explainer Video in Customer Support

A service explainer video doesn’t just teach customers—it also helps when customers run into problems or have questions. When an informative video production gives customers self-service options, businesses empower customers with the tools they need to solve issues on their own quickly and efficiently.

Also, a service explainer video online makes it easier for customers to get the information they need right away. Instead of searching through long manuals or waiting on the phone for customer support, customers can just watch a quick video production to find what they’re looking for.

Additionally, a service explainer video contributes to higher first-contact resolution rates, which means that the customers don’t have to call customer support as often. This lightens the load on support teams, so they have more time to deal with tougher problems that need extra attention. It’s a win-win: customers feel more independent, and the business runs smoother.

Strategies for Creating an Effective Service Explainer Video

To maximize the effectiveness of a service explainer video, businesses should apply these strategies:

  • Understand your audience: Tailor your video production to the needs, preferences, and knowledge levels of your target audience.
  • Keep the animated explainer video concise and engaging: Keep your video production short and to the point, focusing on the most relevant information.
  • Use clear visuals and animation: Use clear visuals, diagrams, and animations to illustrate key concepts and processes effectively. Avoid clutter and ensure that visuals are easy to understand.
  • Make the animated explainer video accessible: Make sure people can watch your video production on different devices, that the voice-over is high-quality, and add captions or transcripts for people who can’t hear well.

Understand your audience

Making a good service explainer video depends on knowing your audience very well. You have to understand what your potential customers like and relate to. To do this right, think about a few important things:

Start by thinking about who you want to watch your video production. Are they busy professionals, tech-savvy millennials, or perhaps local businesses? Your video’s language, tone, and content should match the demographics of your audience. Figure out how old they are, if they’re male or female, how much schooling they’ve had, what kind of job they do, and anything else that might matter for your service.

What problems are your audience facing that your service can solve? A successful explainer video production addresses these pain points directly. It’s not just about showcasing the features of your service, but highlighting the benefits in a way that your audience can relate to. Dive into their daily struggles and illustrate how your service can make things better for them.

Every audience has a preference when it comes to consuming content. Some like short, fun videos with cartoons, while others like hearing real-life testimonials. Knowing what your audience likes will help you pick the best video format to explain your service. Also, think about what your audience expects in terms of how serious or funny the video production is and how much detail it gives.

The extent of your audience’s understanding of your service area is crucial. If they’re new to it, don’t use jargon or technical language that could confuse them. But if they already know a lot, they might want more detailed and specific explanations. Gauge their level of knowledge accurately so your video production can teach them without talking down to them or giving them too much at once.

When you truly understand your audience, your explainer video production does more than just inform—it will make a real connection, get people interested, and convince them. They’ll feel like the video was made just for them, which makes them more likely to want to learn more or try out your service. Understanding your audience well sets the stage for an animated explainer video that is not just seen but felt—which is crucial in today’s busy online world.

Keep your video concise and engaging

When crafting a service explainer video, remember that your audience’s time and attention span are precious. To respect both, keep it short and interesting. Shoot for about 60-90 seconds; this is the sweet spot that allows you to get your point across without losing your viewer’s attention. A voice-over of about 150-225 words is what you need for a 60-90 second video.

Every second of your video should matter. Ask yourself, “What does the viewer absolutely need to know about our service?” Cut out fluff and zero in on the key benefits, how it overcomes a challenge, and why your service is special. Start with a strong hook that grabs attention and immediately addresses a need or pain point, then explain how your service solves it, and end with a call to action. This clear plan makes your video easy to understand and remember.

To keep your audience engaged from beginning to end, think about pacing and variety. Transition smoothly between different parts and vary the scenes to keep it from getting boring.

Use clear visuals and animation

Good communication is simple. While it might be tempting to fill your scenes with fancy drawings or flashy animation, this can confuse people instead of helping them understand. The point is to get a message across, not to show off every feature of your service in the animation. Stick to relevant visuals that actually help explain things. Use clean lines, simple designs, clear layouts, and plain language.

When using diagrams, focus on key elements that are central to your message. Use contrast and colours to highlight important areas so people look at them first. Annotations can help too, but keep them short so they don’t take away from the main message.

Animation is powerful because it can turn complicated ideas into easy-to-understand bits of info. In a service explainer video, animators use motion graphics to show how things work. For example, you could show how information moves through software technology, explain each step of a service, or illustrate how a service goes from being an idea to being available to a customer.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be truer with an explainer video production. Instead of relying heavily on text, use engaging visuals that illustrate your points. Creativity, high-quality graphics, brand-specific colour schemes, and clear, easy-to-read typography look awesome and reinforce brand recognition.

Keep the same look throughout your video. Use only a few colours, stick to one style of animation, and make sure everything fits with your brand. This way, people watching will have a smooth experience.

Make the video accessible

Accessibility, in this context, means more than just the ease of viewing; it’s also about inclusivity. Across the globe, approximately 466 million people have hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization. If you don’t include captions or transcripts, you’re excluding many people from watching your explainer video production. This isn’t just about losing viewers—it’s also about following laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that say you have to make things accessible to everyone.

To ensure your animated explainer video is inclusive:

1. Use captions: Put subtitles on your video. This helps not only people who can’t hear well but also those who watch without sound, like in a quiet office or on a noisy bus. People can turn captions on or off depending on what they need.

2. Provide accurate transcripts: Having a written version of what’s said in your video helps people who prefer reading. It also helps with SEO rankings because search engines can read the text for important words.

3. Consider multiple languages: Your audience is not limited to the United States and other English-speaking countries. Having subtitles in different languages can dramatically increase your reach. It also shows cultural awareness, sensitivity, and a global outlook, which are highly beneficial in today’s interconnected world.

4. Ensure synchronisation: Make sure your captions are appropriately synchronised with the audio. This ensures clarity and prevents confusion, particularly in educational or detailed instructional content.

5. Focus on quality and clarity: Text should be easy to read. Consider font size, colour contrasts, and duration on the screen. Don’t make it too complicated or it might take away from what you’re trying to say.

6. Use accessible video players: Use video players that are accessible by keyboard and that are compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Making sure everyone can access your content isn’t just good for tapping all possible market segments in and out of the United States, it also shows that your brand cares about everyone and complies with international standards. This awareness helps make your brand more trusted and respected, leading to more people getting involved with your brand and more success in market campaigns. For animators, making your service explainer video accessible can then be seen not just as an afterthought—it’s a big part of how you plan your video in today’s visual marketing campaigns.


In summary, a service explainer video is pivotal in customer education and support, which builds trust and loyalty. The video breaks down complex concepts, gives clear directions, and tackles common concerns, making customers feel confident and happy. By using good strategies, practising awareness of what others do, and dealing with common issues, businesses can use a service explainer video to keep customers happy, loyal, and growing, even in a tough market.

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  2. Aside from using service explainer videos, what strategies do you use to develop your customer support service in your company?

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