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Beyond Words: Outstanding Landing Pages with Video Examples

Searching for outstanding landing pages with video examples? In the bustling digital marketplace, capturing your audience’s attention has never been more crucial, or more challenging. Visual storytelling is the key, and landing pages with videos stand at the forefront of this evolution. In today’s screen-centric world, a video landing page is not just a trend; they’re a powerful tool for standing out. In this article, we’ll talk about how having videos on your landing pages can boost engagement and help you in capturing leads.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What is a landing page and how does it differ from a website?
  • What is a video landing page?
  • Why use a video landing page?
  • How to create a video landing page
  • Landing pages with video examples
  • Conclusion: Ensuring a Lasting Impact

What is a Landing Page and How Does It Differ From a Website?

A landing page is a page on the website that is designed to promote one product or service to a specific audience. In contrast, a website encompasses all your products and services. A landing page focuses on one topic or purpose and a website covers many different topics that represent your business.

A good landing page should have just the right amount and type of content to guide visitors toward doing something specific. Adding too much can make people lose focus and might make them less likely to do what you want them to do. For instance, if you’re making a landing page to sell your ebook about dachshunds, you should only put text, videos, and a download button that make people want to read and download your ebook. Don’t put in things that don’t matter, like the inspiration for why you wrote that book or a behind-the-scenes shot of your writing process—save that for other pages on your website.

Studies show that when businesses increase the number of landing pages on their website from 10 to 12, they see a significant 55% increase in generating leads. This effect is even stronger for websites with 40 or more landing pages. This data highlights how adding more specific pages can greatly boost your digital marketing results.

Can landing pages be the same as home pages for your website? Yes. OptinMonster noted that 77% of landing pages are used as home pages. Even though these pages aren’t specifically tailored to products or services, they still share key elements with traditional landing pages. While it’s common practice for many businesses to use their home pages this way, if you’re aiming to promote an offer or a product, or you want to fine-tune your marketing efforts, it’s wise to craft dedicated landing pages for each purpose. That said, in some of the landing pages with video examples below, the landing pages are the same as the brands’ home pages.

What is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page isn’t just a webpage with a video thrown in. It’s like a whole new way of presenting videos, sounds, and stories together to grab your attention. On these pages, there’s usually a video that plays right at the top, but there’s also text, pictures, and a notable call-to-action (CTA) like “Sign up” or “Learn more.” Although putting the video at the top puts it at the forefront, the video can also be placed anywhere on the landing page.

Success hinges on the thoughtful combination of high-quality videos with a design that works well on all devices and internet speeds. Whether you’re telling your brand’s story or showing off a product, a video landing page is the best way to boost conversions.

In essence, a video landing page makes the most out of visuals to get your message across. It’s not just about hearing it; it’s about making people feel and remember it. These landing pages with video examples excel in illustrating the complexities of your product or service, communicating your message efficiently to a target audience whose attention is gold.

Why Use a Video Landing Page?

With the ubiquity of digital content, an ordinary landing page risks being just another drop in the ocean. A video landing page, on the other hand, embodies evolution—an interactive hook that makes viewers stop scrolling and start watching.

Here’s why embracing this trend and being inspired by the landing pages with video examples in this article could be a game-changer for your online presence:

  • Engagement Magnifier: Videos snare attention where paragraphs of text might not, which is paramount in boosting user retention and engagement.
  • Dynamic Showcase: A moving visual narrative can illuminate your offerings with clarity, allure, and credibility, nurturing a more profound connection with prospects.
  • Conversion Machine: Videos have the power to persuade, directing traffic seamlessly to conversions, be it sign-ups or sales.
  • SEO Optimizer: Sound video content tends to encourage visitors to linger, which search engines interpret favourably, possibly enhancing your page’s visibility.
  • Instant Tone-setter: The mood of your brand is telegraphed in seconds, making that all-important first impression.

To summarise, a video landing page forms an ecosystem where a combination of engagement, clarity, and SEO work to support conversions.

How to Create a Video Landing Page

Crafting a video landing page is like choreographing a dance—it must flow, captivate, and lead to a crescendo that is your call-to-action. Here’s a step-by-step guide to choreographing your landing page performance:

  1. Select the Perfect Video: Find or create a high-calibre video that resonates with your message and magnetises your audience as soon as they land on the page.
  2. Optimise for Swift Loading: Ensure that your video is not a test of patience. Quick load times are critical for keeping your audience right where you want them–on your page.
  3. Centre the Stage for Video: Design the landing page so your video is the star. Minimalistic design elements that harmonise with the video make for less distraction and more engagement.
  4. Add a Compelling Call-to-Action: Embed a clear, enticing call-to-action near the video. Make the call-to-action irresistible for viewers to take the next confident stride—sign up, buy, and discover more.
  5. Review with Data: Utilise analytics to gauge the efficacy of your video landing page. Refine and tweak, using A/B testing if necessary, to hit the sweet spot of user engagement and conversion.

If you follow these steps, keep improving how you do things, and take tips from landing pages with video examples, your own video page can become a compelling place. It won’t just get people to look; it’ll make them want to do business with you.

Landing Pages with Video Examples

Let’s take inspiration from these landing pages with video examples from brands that have harnessed the power of video landing pages to redefine user engagement and conversion.

The author’s video landing page design on Penguin Random House for her book Wonder includes three videos! The first one is a delightful book trailer video for White Bird: A Wonder Story (A Graphic Novel). There’s another trailer video for the movie Wonder and a last video about celebrating the wonderful years of Wonder. The calls to action for buying the range of Wonder books are simple yet effective: “Add to Cart” with different button options for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and

Portions of R.J. Palacio’s video landing page

Making it to our list of landing page examples, Outskirts Press for self-publishing authors has a video landing page design complete with written author testimonials. The company’s free video landing page is not just instructive but reassuring. Through video storytelling and motion graphics, they’ve managed to distil complex publishing processes, requirements, and instructions into digestible and appealing visuals.

Plus, Outskirts Press uses its landing page to share customer success stories for that extra touch of credibility. Aside from written testimonials, they do this through a short video with motion graphics, which is more engaging than just reading a bunch of text. The animated video with motion graphics is clear and easy to understand, communicating exactly what Outskirts Press can do for authors. Aside from giving a clear demonstration of their self-publishing services, it also talks about how they provide marketing support to give new authors a push in the right direction.

Thumbnail of Outskirts Press landing page video

The launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Titanium exemplifies Apple’s mastery of leveraging video on its landing page. Bringing ultra-high-resolution visuals to the fore, their attention-grabbing video takes you on a meteoric journey. The explosive journey of a meteor coming from the “edge of the universe to the palm of your hand” brings drama and intrigue that attracts audiences. Its stunning out-of-this-world visuals symbolise how the phone goes from being an idea to being in your hand.

The video focuses on the product’s sophistication, sans overwhelming textual overlays. Such creativity in video content is exactly what has the power to convert casual visitors into customers, and passive observers into brand champions. Apple’s trademark minimalist design is on full display as the introductory video merges effortlessly with the landing page, heralding the use of aerospace-grade titanium in the new iPhone 15 Pro. Pressing play initiates a dazzling cinematic sequence, the kind you would expect to see in a blockbuster Marvel film, rather than on a technology company’s website.

Thumbnail of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Titanium landing page video

The Voice of the Maker series celebrates exceptional handcraftsmanship that the brand is famed for. The latest feature delves into the world of their brand’s bespoke lacquer expert. She narrates her work history with the brand as she undertook the intricate task of bringing a captivating dragon design to life, meticulously crafted in honour of the Lunar New Year for 2024. In the video, she crafted the intricate, three-dimensional design using various shades of red, meticulously building it up over four separate layers. By incorporating additional layers of a darker red, they introduced more detail and richness to the piece, leaving one with the impression that the dragon is deeply etched into the panel.

Thumbnail of Rolls-Royce: The Voice of the Maker landing page video

Adidas has mastered the art of fusing high-energy video content with high-performance products. The inclusion of athletes, striking visuals, and powerful music blends to craft a brand story that’s as compelling as it is captivating. The attention-grabbing landing page video focuses on athlete-led storytelling that bolsters the brand’s credibility and appeal. Highlighted with the Queen’s song “Under Pressure,” the video shows how to transform pressure into motivation and determination.

Adidas successfully demonstrates how a video landing page can do more than inform. Through a vibrant brand saga that bids the viewer to become part of Adidas’s universe of excellence and drive, it can inspire and ignite. 

Thumbnail of Adidas landing page video

Michael Kors uses videos on its home page that doubles as a landing page to showcase stylish elegance in an easy, effortless way. When you land on their page, you’re invited into a world of luxury that feels within reach, thanks to sleek and captivating visuals. They strike a nice balance between showing off their products and telling their brand story through these videos. The video sits at the top of the page, grabbing your attention right away. The way they mix storytelling, looks, and making the site easy to use makes the Michael Kors page stand out from the rest.

Thumbnail of Michael Kors video landing page

On Johnnie Walker’s landing page and home page rolled into one, you’ll find a celebration of their history and the journey of personal growth. Their main video isn’t just there for show—Their featured video distinguishes itself as not just a backdrop but a forerunner to an immersive experience of the exclusivity, grandeur, and depth that the brand represents. They’ve made sure the video plays smoothly, so you won’t get interrupted by any technical issues. It proves that even without fancy scripts or narration, a simple yet elegant video can create a meaningful journey from the moment you land on their page.

Thumbnail of Johnny Walker: Voyage Into New Depths landing page video

Hermès uses a video on their landing page to tell a stylish story that feels as tactile as their high-quality leather goods. Each part of their video adds to the bigger picture of what Hermès is all about. You can see the craftsmanship, credibility, and luxury in every moment of the video. They connect with people emotionally by showing relationships in the video. And on their landing page, theIr interactive content encourages you to learn more about Hermès. Through their landing page, Hermès has created a captivating story that pulls you into the luxurious world they’ve built.

Thumbnail of Hermes video landing page

The video on Rolex’s homepage/landing page, featuring the Submariner watch, screams luxury and credibility. Through its beautiful close-up shots, the video highlights the detailed craftsmanship of the watch and the special touches that make it unmistakably a “Rolex.” This impressive visual demonstration is sure to grab the attention of potential buyers as soon as they land on the page.

Thumbnail of Rolex: Submariner free video landing page

Get a peek into what goes on every day at Woodgreen with their background video landing page. It highlights the incredible work of the team, including handlers, vets, specialists, and volunteers. You’ll see how dedicated they are to taking care of the animals until they find new homes. This touching video helps these dogs, cats, rodents, and other animals get noticed and hopefully find the families they’ve been waiting for.

Thumbnail of Woodgreen free video landing page

Alto’s Odyssey’s free video landing page features two videos for landing page visitors to watch: a trailer for Alto’s Odyssey and another for The Lost City. Both animated videos are mesmerising with build-up actions and music and the unique colour palettes and visual elements used. The calls to action are prominent: Download on the App Store, Download on the Mac App Store, Get It On Google Play, Find It On Arcade.

Thumbnail of Alto’s Odyssey free video landing page

Conclusion: Ensuring a Lasting Impact

Looking at the clever landing pages with video examples above might give you some ideas on how to turn people just browsing into loyal customers. It’s all about telling a story that really grabs people, even without saying much, and gets them interested and involved. Whether you’re a big brand like Apple or Rolex, or a small local business dipping your toes into the online world, the goals are the same—get noticed, tell your story, and get people to do something.

The most attention-grabbing video landing pages are like a doorway into the brand’s world, where you go from just watching to being part of the action. By harmoniously blending striking imagery, captivating soundtracks, and compelling call-to-action, high-quality video landing pages convert curious glances into decisive action.

In the digital age, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video demonstration is like a whole concert—a story that engages your senses and can define your online presence if done right. Brands that nail this often see more than just more visitors—they build a loyal fan base with every view. So, take up the challenge. Start your journey, and let your brand’s story unfold, frame by frame, on the landing page that doesn’t just attract but enthrals and converts. Welcome to the art of making an outstanding video landing page design—beyond words, where the play button is the first step to engagement, persuasion, and action.

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