Our Animated Video Services

Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video is an animation style where a hand draws the scenery as the person speaks. The artwork and animation is 100% custom per your requirements. We do not use clip-art, stock or templates. So you will not see elements of your video as part of other videos.

Graphic Animation

A graphic animation is great for more abstract ideas. Here graphics are moving in a very engaging way to get your message across.

2D Character Animation

With a 2D animated video you have characters interacting with other characters in an environment. Once again everything is 100% custom made to your needs.

Text On Footage

This animation style uses stock images or footage and gets animated text overlaid. The text will move in interesting ways to keep your viewer engaged. This type of video is very popular for staff training or corporate presentations.

What is included?

All our animated videos are 100% custom made. Always original art and animation. All videos are made to your specification. Our service and prices include video script development, custom art and animation, music, voice-over, sound effects and unlimited revisions during each stage of the production process. For more information about the production process, watch the video below.

How are projects run?

All animated video projects are run on our simple cloud based project management software called “Nifty.” So all project communication, files and correspondence is kept in one secure central place. Your project will also be run by one of our competent project managers, to ensure all your expectations are met on time with the least amount of effort from your part.